Yum! 4.0.4

Create your own recipe and cook books


  • Elegantly presents recipes
  • Add your own images
  • Share recipes via e-mail


  • No shopping list generator
  • No web based e-mail integration


Yum! is a recipe collection manager for those that take their recipes seriously.

Yum! allows you to organize your own recipe collection and includes a few bonus recipes to get you going. The first thing that strikes you about Yum is that it's beautifully presented and makes creating and browsing through recipes a real pleasure.

Yum! includes lots of options for indexing by category, meaning each recipe can be given its own section and any number of user-defined categories. This includes several printing options with customizable page layouts which allow you to change fonts, templates and more. The nice thing is you can add your own images to give recipes a personal touch.

You can export and import Yum! recipes as well as share them via email. Yum! uses your default mail client to send them with, although it would have been nice to have seen integration with web-based mail services for this feature too. What would also be handy is a shopping list generator for the recipes that you'd like to cook or at least, a way of indicating whether you have enough ingredients in your kitchen.

Yum! will appeal to everyone who loves cooking and recipes and wants to create an elegant recipe collection.

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  • No release notes available.

"Yum" is a recipe collection application featuring:

  • Found set of recipes updated as you type the search terms.
  • Each recipe can belong to any number of user-defined categories.
  • 1 recipe, all recipes, selected recipes, all recipes in selected category, found recipes. Let's face it, who can afford to have the computer itself in the kitchen and operate it with flour and eggs all over their hands?
  • Recipe text can be fully formatted including fonts, styles, paragraph settings, and even graphics (copy and paste, or drag and drop) so that pictures of your recipes can be included anywhere within the recipe text.
  • Recipes can be imported from MasterCook export files, or from other Yum files, and can be exported to Yum! files or to text files.

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